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Convenience reaches your home

Convenience reaches your home

Why join us?

SLIQUE is an e-commerce company (to be established) that aims to become the market leader in providing customers a secure and hassle-free business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-business (C2C) and consumer -to-consumer (C2C).

The company intends to ensure customer satisfaction and a guaranteed business solution to merchants/distributors.

SLIQUE positions itself for rapid growth to reach greater opportunities. The commitment to serve both merchants/distributors and customers are the primary goal of SLIQUE. Through that, trust and confidence to make transactions online will be established.


Position: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Job Summary

·     Responsible to lead the path for growth and sales.

·     Handle the development in the areas of sales and distribution channel management and product development.

·     Design and improve marketing campaigns for each aspect of the company.

·     Create an ardent brand message to reach the targeted demographic. 

·     Prepare overall marketing strategy to increase revenue.

·     Implement and manage marketing budget and reduce cost, such as unnecessary expenses. 


·      Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or preferably a graduate of Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

·     At least 5 years’ experience in marketing and/or advertising.

·     Possess strong leadership in team management and sales development. 

·     Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·     Exhibit strong analytical skills and should be capable of conducting standard performance, market, and competitive analyses. 

·     High competence in presentation of materials and proposals to the shareholders. 

·     Passionate in dealing with customers and merchants/distributors, have a sense of responsibility and commitment to serve.

·     Open-minded to ideas from its subordinates, self-motivated and must know how to adapt to the work environment. 


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