A Girl’s Journey — Overcoming Bullying

A Girl’s Journey — Overcoming Bullying

It seems nostalgic whenever I think about my youth and how that significant moment changed my life. Whenever I stare at myself in the mirror, I see a completely different person. Far from who I was before. Some argue that rather than reflecting on the past, I should strive to be the person my younger self would be proud of. However, my past shaped who I am today, and certain memories are difficult to forget.

I’ve always been a cheerful child who approaches things with optimism. But the once-clear blue sky was soon engulfed in darkness, as my beautiful dreams, I had immediately turned into nightmares. High school life was not what I expected. Sophomore year was a period I would rather forget. But I still couldn’t forget. I can still vividly recall the moment my adviser called me “Stupid,” the precise term that ruined me. From then on my students also began to torment me.

Bullying ruined me. My peers at school were continually making fun of me. They labeled me a “attention seeker” and other things I don’t want to recall. I tried all I could to please them so they wouldn’t bully me, but it was pointless from the start. The individuals I believed were my friends would abruptly turn against me. It was painful because I realized I had no one with me. I wasn’t just lonely; I was completely alone, and the anguish I was going through was excruciating.

The constant bullying I experienced in high school finally led to depression, and my high school life came to an end after three months of sophomore year. I was just thirteen years old. Because of my fears, I became depressed and attempted suicide; the misery I felt was something others could not understand. I cried for months without leaving my room, and I had no idea that my health was failing. Then, I was diagnosed with illnesses.

For the next four years, I spent days in hospitals almost every month. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and other illnesses, and I was injected with diazepam injections to help calm my muscles. It was an exceedingly difficult period of my life. I was homeschooled for nine years, which taught me how to learn independently. At the age of eighteen, I started trading stocks and then foreign exchange the following year.

Overcoming bullying was never easy. How did I survive all of this? I knew the answer: God is beside me. He guided me in the right direction. Being diagnosed with illnesses transformed me. The time I spent in sorrow helped me realize that I needed to have dreams to motivate me every day. I worked harder than ever before; I sacrificed everything I had to achieve my goals because it was the only thing that kept me going. Just the prospect of reaching my goals would make me happy.

Bullying, depression, and illness all helped me grow into a stronger person capable of standing on my own. As time passed, I forgave my adviser and classmates since if I hadn’t gone through those high school experiences, I could have had a different life now. Even though it was difficult, I regret absolutely nothing because I am happy with what I have become. These experiences did, in fact, help me get a better knowledge of myself.

God blessed me more than I deserved. I am aware that there will be greater challenges than those I am now facing. Indeed, the tears and agony I endured were all worthwhile as I look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.

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